Because hitting publish is just the first step

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The first time I decided to self-publish a book, the term “indie publishing” hadn’t yet become a part of the publishing lexicon. It was 2004, the vast majority of people were still wary of spending money online, and the Kindle hadn’t yet been invented.

I had something to say, an…

There’s a lot of bad writing advice floating around. Have you bought into any of it?

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There’s a lot of writing advice floating around these days. So much, in fact, that writing for writers has become a whole industry.

How much of this writing advice is solid? And how much of it should you ignore?

I looked at some common writing advice doled out to writers…

This is especially crucial during a pandemic

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When you work from home, there will be a million different things vying for your attention — the television, Facebook, your kids, your pets, the dirty laundry, the dishes in the sink that haven’t been washed since yesterday, Facebook, the nice weather, Zoom sessions with co-workers you haven’t seen in…

Natasha Khullar Relph

Natasha Khullar Relph is the author of eight bestselling books for writers. Download her free list of 1,543 literary agents: www.natasharelph.com/litagents

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